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ARDEL high quality friction feeder!

Looking for a affordable new friction feeder? OK Solutions is exclusive supplier of ARDEL frictionfeeders

Our Ardel friction feeder is designed for the supply ofmaterial for mailing industry, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, publishing and other industries that need manipulate untied material (not in roll) all in a controlled way. Examples are sheets, cardboards, labels, envelopes, flat boxes, plastic or aluminium bags, leaflets, cards, sales promotion, sticks, operating instruccions, etc.

The Ardel friction feeder is used for:

– Flowpackers
– Polybagging machines
– Filmwrapping systems
– Inserters
– Envelope inserting systems
– inkjet systems
– automatic packaging machines (L-wrappers, flow-pack, etc…).
– feeding over conveyor to mark on addresses, dates, batches, prices, logos, etc.
– provision of material on multihead weighers.
– feeding sales promotion, sticks, lottery, etc.

We also have a dispenser / feeder for load in a vertical position. Is used for thicker materials such as cardboards, folding boxes, magazines, books, cd boxes, booklets, kits, etc.

Our Ardel friction feeders are:
– Easy to operate
– Fully stainless steel
– Very reliable
– Very low maintenance
– Easy to integrate in existing systems
– Suitable for a wide range of products (dimensions)
– Can be supplied with (servo) motor speeds between 80 and 150 m/min

Standard equiped with:
– Potential free contact for integration in other systems

Optional features:
– Miss controle
– Batchcount function
– Autoloaders
– Conveyors

Many of the Ardel friction feeder s are used either stand alone as well as fully integrated in the following systems:

– Buhrs MTR filmwrapping system
– Buhrs 1500 filmwrapping system
– Buhrs 3000 filmwrapping system
– Buhrs 4000 filmwrapping system
– Sitma C80-750 filmwrapping system
– Sitma C90-750 filmwrapping system
– BVM Mailmaster filmwrapping system
– Buhrs BB300 inserting system
– Buhrs BB600 inserting system
– Buhrs BB700 inserting system
– Bell and Howell inserting system

Are you looking for a friction feeder and do not want to spent too much? Call or mail us. We can supply you a feeder for less than 7.000,– Euro’s. Simply give us a call or sent us an email to info@oksolutions.eu