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Minipack Continua Filmwrappingsystem

OK Solutions is supplier of the original Italian Minipack products. One of those is the Minipack Continua filmwrappingsystem. which can be supplied with or without shrinktunnel at very competitive prices.

Minipack Continua, packaging with a perfect cut and without waste.

The Minipack Continua 60 is a completely automatic horizontal packaging machine, extremely compact and with an innovative sealing system able to pack till 60 pcs./minute. The Minipack Continua is not just a mailing machine.

Linked to the TUNNEL 50 TWIN for the shrinking and the electrostatic sealer it is possible to pack any products up to A3 size (420x300mm) with heights up to 32mm. The Minipack Continua ca wrap; CD’s, DVD’, videotapes, videogames, components, magazines, house and food products,and many other products.

Performance of the Minipack Continua:
 Fast sealing and high productivity
 Productivity up to 60 ppm (A4 format)
 Easy to use machine

 Different films canbe used such as; PE, polyolephine films, PP, HD PE
 Fast size changing on the display
 Extremely compact dimension of the machine

Low investment
 Low investment for a high performance machine
 Plain film rolls
 No film waste during working program Energy

The Minipack Continua, the best system in its range for easy and efficient filmwrapping. The smaller sister of the Minipack Continua is the 

OK Solutions is a worldwide provider of used Buhrs, Sitma and many other pre-owned mailingsystems and fulfillment solutions. We sell and service systems for poly & paper wrapping, addressing, sorting and fulfillment. Our filmwrapping and polybagging systems prepare media products such as magazines, newspapers, computer output, direct mailing products, books, videos, compact discs and credit cards for distribution.

We have supplied our systems to users such as postal organisations, publishers, printers, binders, mailing houses, letter shops, banks, servicebureaus, insurance companies, fulfillment companies and many other companies ranging from medium-sized to leading businesses.

OK Solutions is well established and proud of its reputation for service and reliability.

Please find below an overview of most of our filmwrapping and polywrapping systems available. Our stock changes continually, though we try to update our stock list as good as possible, it is always possible that some of the systems shown below are not available any longer. If you have equipment for sale or want your equipment to be listed, please inform us an go to our contactpage