Buhrs 4000 filmwrapping system


The Buhrs 4000 filmwrappingsystem from 2005 from OK Solutions offers you a wrapping system which can process polyfilm. This Buhrs 4000 film wrapping system will boost your productivity as ever-changing job requirements for your customers can be adjusted “on the fly”. Feeders of this Buhrs 4000 filmwrappingsystem are mobile and can be placed in several positions.

You will benefit greatly from the speed of this Buhrs 4000 film wrapping system for high-circulation direct mailings and for magazines/catalogues wrapping.

Configuration of this immediate available Buhrs 4000 from 2005 is:

  • Lowered gathering section
  • 11 base sections (feeder positions)
  • 1 mobile vacuum opener
  • 2 mobile HF4 friction feeders
  • 8 mobile RF5 rotary feeders
  • Slope
  • Wrapping section
  • Inkjet station
  • Eject gate
  • Stacker & Conveyor

The system is in very good running condition, please ask for the best quick deal price. Reference: OK1316