Buhrs 4700 filmwrapping system


This Buhrs 4700 filmwrapping system from 2006 from OK Solutions offers you a wrapping system which can process polyfilm. This Buhrs 4700 film wrapping system will boost your productivity as ever-changing job requirements for your customers can be adjusted “on the fly”. Feeders of this Buhrs 4700 filmwrapping system are mobile and can be placed in several positions.

You will benefit greatly from the speed of this Buhrs 4700 film wrapping system for high-circulation direct mailings and for magazines/catalogues wrapping.

Configuration of this fully refurbished Buhrs 4700 is:

    • 1 Mobile shuttle feeder
    • 1 Mobile HF4 friction feeders
    • 7 Mobile RF5 rotary feeders
    • `11 station base
  • Slope (to get the products on height from the lowered gathering section for easy loading of the feeders to the height of the wrapping section)
  • Wrapping section with side seal, mechanical speed 18.000 products per hour
  • Eject gate for faulty products
  • Conveyor (90 degrees) underneath the eject gate

Reference: OK2003