CMC Pratica polywrapping


This CMC Pratica illustrated polywrapping system from 2004 is an entry-level polywrapping system. Ideal for start-ups but also an affordable solution for larger organisations requiring additional polywrapping capacity. The CMC Pratica has some very special characteristics: small floorspace requirement, single module system for easy installation, internal film supply, pre-printed film registration, exit and product conveyors, fast polywrapping of products (magazines, catalogues, direct mail).

Configuration of this immediately available CMC Pratica is:

  • 10 station gathering section
  • 7 standard rotary feeders
  • 3 disc rotary feeders
  • Wrapping section including printed film control
  • Conveyor

The system is in very good running condition, please ask for best quick deal price. Reference: OK1348