Sitma C905 filmwrapping system


This Sitma C905 filmwrappingsystem from 1988 from OK Solutions is one of the most successful poly wrapper manufactured in the history of Sitma with over 2,000 systems running worldwide. The Sitma C905 film wrapping system is the ideal choice for publication printers or direct mailers. You will benefit greatly from the speed of this Sitma C905 filmwrappingsystem for high-circulation direct mailings and for magazines/catalogues wrapping.

This film wrapping system features a state-of-the-art ergonomic design for ease of operator accessibility. Designed to handle applications requiring inserting, onserting, labeling, printed film registration, selective feeding, stacking with townsort capability.

Configuration of this immediate available Sitma C 905 filmwrappingsystem is:

  • Main shuttle feeder
  • 2 Rotary feeders left
  • Labelingstation
  • Wrappingsection
  • Conveyor

This system is immediate available for sale. Contact us with reference: Sitma C905