Buhrs 3000 PAPER & filmwrappingsystem, yr 2001

The Buhrs 3000 film and paperwrappingsystem improves the presentation of journals, magazines and other quality media product. The Buhrs 3000 filmwrappingsystem is adapted to the operator’s requirement for ergonomics, is also easy to clean and provides quick and easy access for set-up, operation, service and maintenance.

The configuration of this immediate available Buhrs 3000 filmwrappingsystem is:

Shuttle feeder
6 station base
2 rotary feeders
2 pivotable rotary feeders
CS300 sidestreet with 6 rotary feeders
Wrappingsection, for PAPER wrap and filmwrap

No paper but BIO film, OK Solutions can provide you all!

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